Sea Ranch Lodge


Getting to Sea Ranch Lodge is half the fun. Snuggled into the Sonoma-Mendocino coast, this longtime favorite is near nothing but the Sea. The drive from nearly anywhere takes you along the stunning coastline and through towering redwood forests. It's the perfect roadtrip destination because the drive is soooo pretty, and the reward of arriving a treat.

Sea Ranch Lodge has been a longtime favorite of Northern Californians for good reason. It's perched on the ridge facing the ocean, with the blue horizon everywhere you look. The lodge is surrounded by endless hiking trails which can take you a short stroll to the beach (which is down several flights of steep stairs) or quite far along the ocean bluffs, meadows and forests.

Sea Ranch Lodge feels like a combination of a private club and a friend's beach house. The vibe is casual, understated natural elegance. The lodge feels like a stylish piece of driftwood outfitted for your comfort. The restaurant serves excellent food, surrounded by the sea out every window. The service is attentive, and being so far from anything, the camaraderie and friendliness of management, staff and fellow roadtrippers is especially welcome.

Slated for a massive renovation next year, the lodge retains it's original roots and although the rooms are not posh per se, they are super comfortable with mesmerizing ocean views. Some rooms have fireplaces, and one has a private hot tub tucked into a lovely private patio.  The lower floor rooms are extra pet friendly, with a water bowl, sheet to cover the bed and a treat.  Reservations takes special care to ask guests if they have any allergies, with upper floor rooms being designated pet free.  The hiking trails are great for dogs and kids, as the terrain is mostly flat.

My room was primo, with wrap around windows and an L-shaped cozy window seat
I watched a family of deer merrily graze below my windows, legions of birds parading by and above, and the shimmering sea undulating beyond. The clear night sky offered a breathtaking astronomical show, cozily enjoyed from the window seat.

Stay tuned for the renovations update. The plans are dazzling and the makeover will make the road trip even more tantalizing. Owner Passport Resorts, of Post Ranch fame and glory, plans to create 15 private cottages spread over 52 acres of prime ocean bluff property.

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