Botanique Hotel and Spa

Botanique Hotel and Spa

Rua Elidio Goncalves Da
Silva 4000 Bairro dos Mellos
Campos Do Jordao, Brazil
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Nestled in a confluence of three rich river valleys, amid picturesque hillsides and stunning ridges in the heart of the Mantiqueira Mountains, Botanique Hotel & Spa is enveloped and surrounded by lush, mid-tropical Atlantic forests, 1.200m above sea level in the heart of the Bairro dos Mellos, just 12 kms from Campos do Jordao. The hotel is targeted for those who seek peaceful moments, integrated with nature. It provides a unique environment of authentic and exclusive Brazilian Design, Culture and Cuisine – a place that seamlessly merges the luxuries of today and creates a modern retreat in the countryside.

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Conde Nast Traveler says..."The specs: Eleven villas and six suites in the Mantiqueira Mountains, 100 miles north of São Paulo. Amenities include personal butler service, guided birding expeditions, and beds with 600-thread-count sheets. The look: Rural Brazil for the 0.01 percent. It has a pitched-roof contemporary design with 120-year-old reclaimed wood beams, chocolate slate from a local mine, natural stone, bespoke mahogany furniture, and glass walls that overlook expansive kitchen gardens and forested hills. The experience: Your personal butler will show you to your room and help arrange activities such as horseback riding and lessons in capoeira (Brazilian martial arts)—or leave you free to wander the winding paths to the rock-lined pool after presenting you with a loaner smartphone on which you can call for service at any hour. Meals are a particular highlight, served in a ridgetop restaurant with 180-degree views, the better to appreciate locally inspired dishes like pupunha-palm-heart ravioli with mushrooms and tucupi reduction. Enjoy an artisanal cachac?a or a 1957 Dunhill cigar as a pianist plays a few tunes. " ~From

Travel + Leisure says..."High in the mountains of Vale dos Mellos, 160 miles northwest of São Paulo, sits a stone-and-glass lodge conceived to showcase the best of the country. There’s the wine cellar (all Brazilian); the food (farm-to-fork); and the furnishings (sourced by Adélia Borges, the country’s leading design authority). The six suites and 11 villas are built with reclaimed wood and have terraces that overlook the valley. But this is not luxury to satisfy all tastes—floorboards are rough, bathrooms doorless, and décor is on the spare side. Still, the range of activities—horseback riding, capoeira, cooking classes—are enough to keep the most restless of guests happy." ~From

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