Belcampo Lodge

Belcampo Lodge

135 Laughing Falcon Reserve
Punta Gorda, Belize
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A private nature location, Laughing Falcon Reserve in Toledo, the southern most territory of Belize, is more than a home for Belcampo Lodge. Originally established as a fishing lodge, the owners are committed to managing this 11,000 acre private reserve to promote and encourage the sustainable use of this verdant tropical environment. High up within the rainforest canopy, an awe inspiring panorama with Guatemala and Honduras in the distance, a world class adventure resort invites guests to feed their thirst for adventure, gather on sprawling verandas, enjoy delicious local cuisine or relax in the privacy of elegantly appointed cabanas on the hillside. At Belcampo Lodge we invite you to come and quench your thirst for adventure and luxury.

Juicy Tidbits

"Part of an 11,000-acre nature reserve, with 12 cabins powered by solar-panel roofs and an on- site organic farm that provides much of the lodges food."Food and Wine, Best Small Eco-Lodges in Latin America

Juicy Details

  • Art Collection
    Bath: Sexy Bathrooms
    Bedding: Fine Linens
    Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
    Beds: Romantic Beds
    Beds: Rooms with King Beds
    Beds: Rooms with Two Beds
    Beds: Views from the Bed
    Bikes to Use
    Boat to Hotel
  • Charm up the Wazoo
    Dock Your Boat
    Gardens on the Property
    Hammocks (Common Area)
    Helicopter Access
    Internet: WiFi By the Pool
    Internet: WiFi in Public Areas
    No TV in the Room
    Organic Garden
    Outdoor Massage
  • Privacy
    Private Boat Available
    Private Deck/Patio/Terrace
    Room Type: Bungalows
    Room Type: Casitas
    Room Type: Indoor Outdoor Rooms
    Room Type: Stand Alone Single Unit
    Room Type: Treehouse Rooms
    Swimming Pool: Poolside Food & Drink Service
    Windows: Windows Open in the Room
Hotel Types / Categories
  • Belize
    Eco Friendly Green Hotels
  • Eco Lodge Gems
  • Jungle Lodge Gems

WiFi Details

The main lodge, pool area and all rooms have complimentary WiFi.

How this Juicy Hotel is Green and Eco Friendly

Among some of the stand-out eco and sustainability efforts are:

  • Guests are transported by the low-emission vehicles and boats. All vans, open-air safari and four-wheel drive vehicles undergo thorough inspections and maintenance routine to ensure that they always meet the highest possible environmental standards. Boats are all equipped with efficient hull structures and well maintained, new technology, four-stroke motors
  • Accommodations are low-impact canopy suites, built on stilts to minimize contact with to the sensitive rainforest floor
  • No disposable serving, dishes, silverware is used – even on picnic fully reusable glass, stainless and ceramic dining and serving pieces are used
  • 95% of all ingredients for our restaurant and culinary service come from our on-site organic farm or from within the country of Belize
  • Refillable aluminum water bottles are issued at check-in and “PURE H2O” stations in the lodge and in each suite allow eco-conscious travelers to refill as often as needed – this effort saves and estimated 950 to 1,150 plastic water containers weekly
  • A rain water collection and re-use system is in place and there are aerators on faucets and shower heads, as well as low-flow toilets
  • The on-site organic garden allows provides fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs for daily meals, as well as tropical flowers for guest rooms and public areas. Any food that the lodge is unable to utilize is donated to the local community. The chef and farmers teach guests and locals alike, about growing, harvesting and preparing sustainable meals. To complete the sustainable circle, organic kitchen scraps are composted and used as a natural fertilizer in the garden.
  • Energy-efficient lighting and controls, as well as timers for outdoor lights and staff members trained to turn off lights that are not being used all save electricity
  • In the kitchen, smaller refrigerators have been purchased to use in the slower season when the lodge does not need the larger versions and top loading freezers help save energy by maintaining temperatures more efficiently.
  • The use of a maintenance logs for all equipment ensures that all resort equipment functions at maximum levels of efficiency
  • Housekeeping and maintenance use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners, environmental-friendly pest control methods, a towel reuse and linen change program, and adhere to a policy of turning off lights, water heaters and air conditioners in vacant rooms
  • The guest canopy suites are designed to maximize lighting through natural sunlight and effectively direct breezes to keep guest comfortable without the constant need for air conditioning. The walls and ceiling void have been insulated with recycled environmentally friendly fill to limit any excessive heat transfer from the outside. Roofs have special silica intensive environmentally sensitive color paint which limit and diffuse the heat transfer through the roof without being overly reflective.
  • A line conditioner has been attached to the electrical lines that come into the property, better regulating electricity and reducing equipment loses due to surges and lightening storms.
  • Tours and excursions around the area, through the rainforest, on the rivers and at Mayan ruins are specifically designed to “leave no trace”. Everything has been addressed in this area and understanding that garbage disposal can be difficult while off-site, the lodge has a policy to bring trash back to the lodge for proper sorting, composting, recycling and disposal
  • Regular staff training emphasizes the lodge’s long-term sustainability commitment – training addresses local community support initiatives, empowers the staff and encourages self-assessment exercise on the resort’s Responsible Tourism policy
  • A system of nature trails gives guests direct access to the surrounding nature reserve and organic garden – perfect for hikers, bikers and bird watchers. Marked trails throughout Machaca allow for self-guided exploration with little or no impact on the native environment, while kayaks and canoes are offered for river exploration
  • The estate practices its own re-forestation program and has planted in excess of 2,500 indigenous hardwood trees and 2,000 softwood indigenous trees. The lodge utilizes wind-felled lumber for a large proportion of its own building and furniture requirements. Machaca also produces its own furniture products in-house, which ensures efficient waste limiting practices and eliminates the need for transportation of these bulky goods.
  • The lodge actively participates and sponsors a weekly talk show through a local radio station. The show specifically targets the local residents and focuses on the need for sustainable tourism and the education to the benefits of having a healthy eco system.

How this Juicy Hotel Benefits It's Local Community

Guests visiting from March through June can help excavate an ancient Mayan site alongside archeologists at the Uxbenka Archeological Project. Volunteers assist at the ancient site that was inhabited during the Classic Period (AD 250 -900).Since the Mayan culture is so prevalent in Belize, uncovering this part of history is important to the area.


Strong relationships with the local community are valued at Machaca Hill and this is further demonstrated by the lodge supporting local youth through the schools. Machaca supports educational programs, supplies leftover produce and gives children lessons they can take home to create stronger futures for themselves.


Another important relationship is with T.I.D.E (Toledo Institute for Development and Environment), a local NGO, that teaches the local community about resource management and sustainable use of the ecosystems. Machaca Hill’s relationship with T.I.D.E., which helps protect the 11,000 acres around Machaca Hill, encourages re-education on sustainable tourism practices, organic farming and guide training.


Machaca Hill supports two local drumming troupes who through performances expose guests to the Garifuna people and their culture. Performances are interactive and very educational. When the groups are not performing for guests we have initiated a youth awareness program for music to ensure that local youngsters have an opportunity to get exposure and tuition in the wonderfully rich Garifuna cultural music. Additionally, Machaca Hill sponsors and supports a program that assists the Garifuna people in the successful manufacturing and sales of drums.


Through collaboration with local Maya communities we have developed interactive workshops and activities such as basket weaving, cloth production and embroidery so that our guests may not only be exposed to handcrafts for purchase but the significant value of education of the importance of Mayan handcrafts and artwork thus giving insurmountable added value.

What Makes This Juicy Hotel a Boutique Hotel?

We have only 12 rooms and we are independently owned and privately operated.