Jack Harter Helicopters

Jack Harter Helicopter, KauaiHands down my favorite activity I did on Kauai was the Jack Harter Helicopter tour with the doors off. It's an outstanding way to see the island and feel adventurous at the same time. With the doors off you feel like you can reach out and touch the waterfalls and mountains. It''s thrilling to have the wind whipping around and the open air just an elbow''s out away. It makes for some fantastic photo ops. The helicopters can tuck in and hover in the stunning valleys, right up against waterfalls and canyons.


Jack Harter Helicopters has been around since 1962 with an excellent safety record and aggressive maintenance program. The pilots have a ton of personality and are great tour guides which makes a big difference in the experience. If you only do one splurge kind of activity there, this is the one to do. Jack Harter Helicopters (888) 245-2001